Friday, November 28, 2014

Students working

Students spend time creating characters that the world may never see. 

These characters have personalities. Stories. They all happen in the students head. 

When my students get to this level it is my job to stand back. To try to create a comfortable space for them to practice this artistic behaviour. 

Some question about assessing such work. The teacher just needs to ask the right questions about their thought process. Which materials they use? And why? But the instructor needs to know enough not to stifle the child's creative outpouring. Because when the child is ready all you need to do is ask and the ideas and emotions which inspire the work will knock you off your socks. 

Some become so good at Visual communication that their point hits you like a rock. 

Like this students piece inspired by the events at Ferguson. This is when discussion turns into a discussion about ideas and how to portray them rather than materials and how to use them. This does not mean this cannot happen with less seasoned students but I think you can't force this out of them. It has to happen organically. 

I have amazing students. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Sock Creatures

This year we started to make our world famous sock creatures again. I had taken a break from using this lesson but brought it back because I felt it was so effective. The student uses a sock and turn it into a stuffed creature. I believe that this is a useful way to teach the student about using different materials for different purposes. How to repurpose old materials in new ways. Also I hope that they can understand from this exercise that any material can be used to create. After they make their creature they give it a name and write a short story about the creature. I like the idea of giving the monster a life. I have found through the years that once the student does this they create a bond with the stuffed animal. They love this lesson. Sometimes when they think I am not paying attention I catch them playing with the creature. I think that is great. It helps to remind them that they are still kids and it is O.K.